Cleanup continues in Utica after the storm


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - More than 12 hours after a severe thunderstorm tore through central New York, clean-up crews were still out removing tree limbs, branches and other debris from area roadways.

On New Hartford Street in New York Mills, a large evergreen tree lay on its side, a ten-foot circle of roots sticking straight-up in the air. It feel away from a house, but another tree fell on the garage.

In Utica, DPW crews were busy all morning, clearing tree limbs and branches from the streets. Arlington Road near Edgewood was lined with broken trees, as was Sunset Ave near Faxton Hospital.

The city also experienced a lot of flooded roadways, but the DPW commissioner says it's not because of any infrastructure problems, and that it could have been easily prevented.

"Most of our problem in the city last night was just the fact that people were mowing their lawns, putting the grass clippings on the curb. You get that much rain, it picks that pile right up and puts it right on the catch basin. And then forget it-the water can't go anywhere," says Commissioner Dave Short, adding that, right now, city residents need to be putting their green waste in bins.

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