Family moves following devastation of Tropical Storm Irene


CHADWICKS, N.Y. (WKTV) - Exactly one year ago, Tropical Strom Irene wreaked havoc locally.

In Chadwicks, the Williams family's home was completely flooded, along with many other homes in the area.

The Williams family lost everything from their laptops, to their washer and dryer and all of their downstairs furniture. The family received a $2,500 check from FEMA, barely enough to replace the necessities.

The family decided to use some of that money to put a security deposit down and move into a new home.

"My youngest daughter didn't want to sleep at night," said Ray Williams. "When she did, she had nightmares about that house. The damage over there, you couldn't live there and fix it there at the same time. Plus, the owners that we were renting from over there didn't have the funding to redo the house. The homes had holes the size of (craters)."

Williams said while the new house isn't their dream house, the family feels safer there and no longer worries about flooding. Also, it is in the same neighborhood as their old home, so their two children did not need to switch schools.

Ray Williams is working extra shifts in order to make enough money to cover rent for their new home and to continue replacing valuables.

"I had to go to Rent-A-Center and rent stuff," said Williams. "I'm a tow truck driver. We don't make a lot of money.

He also said his family is thinking about the victims impacted by Hurricane Isaac, after all they know how it feels to lose everything.

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