Fighting hair frizz in the hot and humid weather


The hot and humid weather of the past week is hair's worst nightmare, but an expert has found some tricks to help fight the frizz.

Maria Tucci, who owns Maria Tucci's Salon in Utica says people with naturally curly hair should do the following:

Wash your hair upside down in the shower, then towel dry it (don't comb it) and use products like mousse.

For those who want a more finished look, blow out the kinks and use a flat iron.

Always finish with smoothing products, such as Maria's go-to, Reken Smooth Lock

She's been in the hair business a long time and says that the best products and tools don't compare to one very important tip.

"The thing is, to keep it conditioned, keep it cut every three to four weeks," Maria said. "You don't have to have short hair. You can keep your long hair as long as you take the ends off and that helps with keeping it nice and curly and not fuzzy."

If you're willing to dig a little deeper into your wallet, she says keratin treatments are the way to go.

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