Firefighters train for scorching hot conditions


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Thursday is the last day of a 13 week training program for local men and woman who will soon become firefighters.

A large part of the course focuses on learning to fight fires in the scorching heat while wearing close to 100 pounds of equipment.

"We teach them to stay hydrated, stay cool, especially on a day like today," said Michael Wusik, Utica Fire Department Deputy Fire Chief. "If the heat index is above 95 to 100, they are staying inside, they are staying cool and limiting their work to just firefighting."

Between their shifts fighting the fires, the trainees gulped down cold water and cooled off in the shade or in front of a fan.

The men and women will officially become firefighters at their training graduation ceremony at MVCC Friday at 10 am.

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