Heavy snowfall brings a snow day for many area kids


Many children throughout the Mohawk Valley woke up to some very exciting news Thursday - school had been cancelled.

"I'm actually happy we don't have any school," said Elijah Groves of New Hartford. "I kind of wish there was no school invented."

Groves, along with many other kids, were thrilled to spend the day in the snow, instead of in the classroom.

"I was really excited we got to go sledding," said Sophia Timmerman, of New Hartford.

"Well I woke up and my brother told me there was no school and I said 'awesome'," said Samantha Groves of New Hartford.

While some children spent the snow day sledding at Val Bialis in Utica, others spent the day building a big snowman.

Julianna Vetters gave us some tips on how to build our very own Frosty.

"We first made a tiny ball then kept rolling it," said Vetters.

Her grandfather, Joe Gagnon, said the snow day gave him extra quality time to spend with his beloved grandchildren.

"That is the best part, being with the kids," said Gagnon. "They are everything. We made the snow man. I helped them roll it up a little bit and spray painted it."

Some children with the day off opted for some indoor fun and headed to the Marquis Cinema in New Hartford

"The snow days are fun, because you don't have to do work all day and you don't have to do tests or study," said Alex Mandia, of New Hartford.

Many local superintendents we spoke to said they are going to wait and see how the weather plays out in the next few weeks before deciding how and when to give back the unused snow days.

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