Thousands came from across U.S. to help rebuild


SCHOHARIE, N.Y. (WKTV) - People help out when they're needed most, and no one knows that better than the people in Schoharie County.

Earlier this week we told you about Emily, an 82 year old who lost just about everything when the floods ripped through her home in August when Tropical Storm Irene hit.

Emily said that she wouldn't be where she was today without the help of the volunteers.

"People came from all over. All over and just walked in and 'what do you need?' and helped," she said. "I mean, talk about the goodness of people. This was an example."

Thousands of helping hands from across the United States came together six months ago for one common goal - to rebuild "picture perfect Schoharie County."

"Pure strangers coming from all over, willing to roll up their sleeves and help. It just gave encouragement. It gave hope to these folks and it's just a great thing. Absolutely great thing," said Bill Farrell, a volunteer himself.

The volunteerism was not only acknowledged by the residents, but by the Mayor, and Assemblymen Pete Lopez, as well.

Schoharie Mayor John Borst said that a big piece of the public spirit, "is from the volunteers."

"The thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of volunteers who came in here and didn't have a dime invested," Mayor Borst said.

Assemblyman Pete Lopez also thanked those who lent a helping hand.

"Thank you," he said. "Thank you for all that you've done and you continue to do. And just an urgent request to say we still need your help over time."

So, as residents and volunteers continue to piece Schoharie back together, the mayor credits those who have helped in turning a corner.

"We turned the corner from being hurricane victims to hurricane survivors," Mayor Borst said. "Huge, huge, huge boost."

While Schoharie still has a long way to go before the clean up process is complete, residents and volunteers alike all say the same thing - they're going to be okay.

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