While many apple crops seeing less, one local orchard says crops are booming

By WKTV News

CASSVILLE, N.Y. (WKTV) - While intermittent freezes throughout the winter and Spring caused many orchards to experience smaller crops of apples this year, one local orchard says they've been seeing a boom.

A warm spring season prompted trees to begin budding earlier than usual. Immediately following the warm spell in March, multiple freezes in April damaged many of the buds. In July, drought conditions hampered most of the remaining production.

The owners of Windy Hill Orchard in Cassville say that location is everything, and is a key factor in saving the apple crop this year. Rain cam just in time after a long, dry spring and summer.

Apples are two weeks ahead of schedule, but farmers at Windy Hill say they will definitely will look at it as a good thing, considering that other local farms are upwards of 80 percent off.

"We are starting U-pick this weekend and from then on we'll be U-pick 7 days a week, with macs and cortlands until the other varieties come in and we'll go into them," said Steven Button of Windy Hill Orchard.

The orchard is located on East Street in Cassville.

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