Snowboarders and skiers can head to Val Bialas over winter break

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y.(WKTV) - Despite little snow, and warm weather, Val Bialas Ski Center has opened it's terrain park.

President of the Ski Center Mark Ford says they've been making snow for a week and a half now and were busy covering and grooming the features of their park with it over the past few days.

Ford says he's focusing on the terrain park because that's what most of their patrons like. "The demographics of our patrons are 95 percent snow boarders maybe 5 percent skiers and they want the features that are on the terrain park," says Ford.

The terrain park has at least 5 features including a rail and table top jump - offering a nearby place for snow boarders and freestyle skiers to go for $13 to $17.

While Ford says he'll miss the revenues last year's winter break brought in with the whole ski center open, the little snow is not going to stop him from opening at least part of the center as soon as he can.

"We would desire of course to have real snow, save money," says Ford. "But the bottom line is we'll still make snow and still give our kids an experience here, that's our goal."

Val Bialas will be open from noon to dark the rest of the week and hopes to start making snow to fill it's snow tubing park soon.

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