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Week Seven: Blue Mountain (Season Finale)

I'm saving the best mountain climb for last - Blue Mountain.  This is a great climb in the center of the Adirondack Mountains.   There are two different hikes worth your time near the lake.  The first one is up Castle Rock on the northern end of the lake.  This mile walk takes you to the top of a rock overlooking the lake. ... Read more »

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Week six: Overlook Mountain

History and a magnificant view of the Hudson Valley are featured in this week's edition of the Hiking Weatherman.  Overlook Mountain, located in the Catskills, is a great beginners hike that incorporates... Read More »

Week Five: Giant Mountain

The High Peaks Region of the Adirondacks is considered one of the best spots to hike not only in the state, but also in the Northeast.  Today's hike takes us up Giant Mountain, the 12th highest... Read More »

Week Four: Vanderwhacker Mountain

The next time you visit Lake George, take a ride up 28N and check out this hike.  Vanderwhacker Mountain is a truely unique experience.  The panoramic views of the high peaks is the main draw,... Read More »

Week Three: Whetstone Gulf State Park - Gorge

Great hikes aren't always up mountains.  This hike explores dramatic topography surrounding a masssive gorge on the eastern end of the Tug Hill.  This is a very unquie hike with some... Read More »

Week Two: Snowy Mountain

A great way to escape the hot weather is to climb a mountain.  Snowy Mountain is a great climb in the Southern Adirondacks.  Standing at 3898 feet, this mountain is the tallest in the Southern... Read More »

Kane Mountain

Week One: Kane Mountain

Kane Mountain is a great start for our series of family-friendly hikes. Read More »

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