Snowy Mountain
43.700244 -74.386727

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Week Two: Snowy Mountain

By Weather WKTV

A great way to escape the hot weather is to climb a mountain.  Snowy Mountain is a great climb in the Southern Adirondacks.  Standing at 3898 feet, this mountain is the tallest in the Southern Region.  The fire tower on the top has some of the best views in this part of the Adirondack Park.

This is a long day hike - budget 5-6 hours for the hike.  The round trip distance is about 6 miles.  The first 2 miles is relatively easy, with several stream crossings.  The last mile is tough; best to climb after a few days of dry weather.

The trailhead is easy to find.  It's location is about 15 minutes north of Speculator on the left side of route 30.  Odds are you won't be alone on this hike - it's quite popular in the summer.  There are many great places to stay and dine in this area - Speculator and Indian Lake are popular spots.

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