Poland community throws homecoming for Girls Soccer team


POLAND, N.Y. (WKTV) - It was a cold night in the Village of Poland but the community hosted a warm welcome as the Girls Soccer team arrives home from their State Championship victory earlier on Sunday.

The team drove home from Cortland, where they beat Chateaugay 3-2.

Residents young and old gathered at Poland High School as the Poland Fire Department and some neighboring departments blared their sirens to welcome in the yellow school bus. The team members were cheering through the windows.

The freshman sensation forward, Mikayla Blumenstock, who won MVP in Sunday's game, said, "Oh my god, it's amazing. I've never experienced something this awesome, to come home, the whole town's here. It's like wow. Our hearts stopped."

Village Mayor Brian Cleary said Poland is a soccer town. Cleary added, "We just really get behind the teams and support them. It's been a great season and a great experience." Their support is made evident by the signs that adorned the street lights and school fencing.

Past graduates and elementary students alike brought signs and pom-poms to welcome in the team, the first-ever State Champion soccer team for Poland.

The community also has their boys soccer team to celebrate. They made it to the Class D State Semifinals, where their season was ended.

A village known for their love for soccer now has a state title to brag about.

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