Jason Corrigan, 21 - for Oneonta Mayor

Jason Corrigan Takes A Leading Role

Jason Corrigan is a 21 year old man and student at SUNY Oneonta. Several weeks ago he announced his campaign to run for Mayor of Oneonta.

To date Corrigan has had several articles written about him in the Oneonta Daily Star, The Albany Times Tribune and Hometown Oneonta newspapers.

Several internet blogs have popped up touting his community work and service as well as his campaign issues. He is without doubt a capable and serious young man who may join the ranks of six other mayors of small cities who are under the age of thirty.

Corrigan has two videos on youtube that have been getting hits in the hundreds. He is a worthy candidate and possible next mayor of Oneonta New York.

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Chris says ... on Wednesday, Aug 15 at 10:18 AM

Jason is a good guy, I worked with him after the election on a veterans memorial and he simply loves giving back to the community. Rare find these days.

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Alex says ... on Friday, Jun 29 at 9:02 AM

I work with Jason now and found this online. He is a great guy to work with, very knowledgeable with SEO, and an overall nice guy.

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King Booker says ... on Monday, Nov 15 at 10:21 AM

The memorial was fantastic and it was great seeing Gibson and McDonald support the event.

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C Dog says ... on Tuesday, Nov 9 at 4:50 PM

I think it says something that he continued on after the dirt they threw at him for challenging the Democratic machine. He got three cops fired, not too many 21 year olds do that.

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Mr. Anderson says ... on Monday, Nov 8 at 8:45 AM

The memorial looks great! Great job Jason! Now can you please come back and run for office again? The glass in our yards from Miller trying to save money is still in our yards...Not the best idea.

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Nick says ... on Friday, Nov 5 at 3:44 PM

His memorial is all over the news with News Channel 13 and the Saratogian! Great job Jason!

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Alvin says ... on Thursday, Oct 28 at 11:28 AM

I know the VFW and the American Legion are attending that memorial he built. I am glad to see him still being a part of the community.

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Jones says ... on Friday, Oct 22 at 7:40 AM

Bill Whiteowl is Tony Scafide

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Clapper says ... on Tuesday, Oct 12 at 11:38 AM

That memorial was in the Daily Star for some reason, but it's going in on Veterans Day. Good for him!

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Cindy says ... on Monday, Oct 4 at 12:45 PM

Jason is working on a memorial in Clifton Park for the troops in Iraq. You can find out more on the town's website I think.

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Steve says ... on Friday, Oct 1 at 7:31 AM

Is he still in Oneonta?

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Christian says ... on Thursday, Sep 23 at 3:38 PM

has anyone seen the flag he got from some army troops in Iraq? It was flown over Balad and will be up at the ceremony. Keep going Corrigan!

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CP Resident says ... on Tuesday, Sep 7 at 6:15 PM

Jason is setting up a memorial for the War in Iraq veterans. It was in the community paper and I think it's great that he is working with the American Legion and getting this great tribute established.

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Frank says ... on Thursday, Sep 2 at 7:39 AM

Corrigan is coming out with a book from what I heard, should be interesting. I guess it talks a lot about the corruption and the police sex scandal he uncovered.

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Daily Rag says ... on Monday, Aug 9 at 11:03 AM

I saw an article on Oneonta NOW with his fiance talking about how the Daily Star didn't even try to get a hold of her for a comment. Can we ever get some decent news service here?

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Red says ... on Saturday, Aug 7 at 4:40 PM

The only thing that is funny is how you just said we need to stop paying attention to him, but yet you find this forum and write on it. Obviously, you don’t mind talking about Jason either.

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Resident says ... on Saturday, Aug 7 at 4:40 PM

Jason and his friends need to calm down and stop attracting so much attention to them. It isn’t funny and we need to move on.

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AGREE says ... on Saturday, Aug 7 at 4:40 PM

I heard the same exact thing actually, weird.

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Townie says ... on Saturday, Aug 7 at 4:40 PM

I heard he is writing a book right now about his life and the campaign. Imagine what we would learn from that if it was published!

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Tommy says ... on Saturday, Aug 7 at 4:39 PM

Corrigan has a long way to go, but I think he could become something very positive for the state in the long run.

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Alex J says ... on Saturday, Aug 7 at 4:39 PM

Corrigan for President 2020!

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I know him says ... on Friday, Aug 6 at 1:38 PM

Corrigan is a good guy, I know him personally and professionally, and I can tell you he is not a criminal or a bad person. I might say he tries to help too many people who don’t want to help themselves.

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Sandy says ... on Friday, Aug 6 at 1:36 PM

Jason continuously being in the news only shuts up those who think he is a joke. No one is in the media, good or bad, unless they command a sense of respect and or has made an impact on some level.

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Corrigan in the news says ... on Thursday, Jan 14 at 8:02 AM

I saw on this website people talking about how that foothills petition was led by Jason. Great stuff!!

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Alex says ... on Sunday, Jan 10 at 11:00 AM

Corrigan for President!!!

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Corrigan is the face of truth says ... on Friday, Jan 8 at 9:24 PM

Corrigan was deeply passionate about a community he didn't grow up in and fought for the truth! He is what our politicians should be.

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Claire says ... on Wednesday, Dec 30 at 3:59 PM

I don't know if anyone is keeping up with the Muller situation but it seems like a set up just to ruin his name. It just makes what Corrigan said about the city "elite" seem true.

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Michele says ... on Monday, Sep 7 at 6:58 PM

I read an interview with Corrigan in the new issue of Diversity Rules. Glad to see that he is not homophobic. Not sure about the old guy running for mayor or the republican, but they certainly have done nothing to support the gay community.

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Bree says ... on Sunday, Sep 6 at 7:32 PM

Hey, I saw Jason on the news, he was at the Oneonta Theater with a bunch of other important looking people. Corrigan, keep going, you have my vote !

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James says ... on Wednesday, Aug 19 at 3:02 PM

The Democratic primary is taking place on September 15th and the other candidates have not accepted Corrigan’s invitation to be part of a public debate. Corrigan is the only one to extend the invitation to date. Where are the other candidates?

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Steven says ... on Tuesday, Aug 18 at 8:07 PM

Corrigan proposed an answer tonight at the common council hearing on the new ordinance defining a family. Corrigan really has what we need to be a civilized, strong community. His ideas already are amazing. I will vote for him in the primary.

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Michael Janowicz says ... on Monday, Aug 17 at 6:42 PM

All I hear about is Jason Corrigan every time I pick up a newspaper. I think he will do well in the September primary and will likely be the democratic candidate. I can't wait.

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brenda says ... on Sunday, Aug 16 at 10:08 PM

Are you going to interview him again? I would love to see him once more before the election. He is young so I am sure he is of interest to many people.

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Veronica says ... on Tuesday, Aug 11 at 9:05 AM

I have been following Corrigan's profile in this small town race and believe he has a real chance to win. He has my vote. The other 2 guys simply don't compare to Corrigan's energy and comittment.

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Candice says ... on Friday, Jul 31 at 9:09 PM

He came to my house and informed me he grew up in foster care when we were discussing the city's issue with herione. It's amazing to see him overcome so many horrible events and work to improve the community. That's the heart I want as my mayor!

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Michelle says ... on Thursday, Jul 30 at 7:07 PM

If anything, Corrigan will make city hall more transparent and easier to access, something that alone is a huge achievement for this community.

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Patti says ... on Tuesday, Jul 28 at 7:36 PM

Corrigan was on the street today and handed me a flyer for his campaign. I read it asked him about his intention to bring a train into Oneonta and he seemed rather confident. Get me a train, and you get my vote, period.

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Lawrence says ... on Monday, Jul 13 at 8:39 PM

Why don't we see more coverage on this election. Oneonta is a rather large area in central New York. I guess we need our own news station here in town. I wish we had one, maybe Corrigan can get us one.

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Craig says ... on Thursday, Jun 11 at 4:45 AM

I would like to see more stations pick him up after seeing this story on tv the other day. Corrigan is a good thing for Oneonta, and more people need to hear his voice before they judge by age.

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Alison says ... on Wednesday, Jun 10 at 3:48 PM

It was a good story and Jason is handling himself very professionally. Whether you like him or not, he may be our next mayor. I e-mailed him a question and he was very prompt in responding.

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Amanda says ... on Wednesday, Jun 10 at 2:23 PM

Anyone can submit them yes, but only worthy enough stories are drafted by the actual news crew, which Jason was. I don't understand why you think good news coverage must be by Jason himself, wake up, people like him!

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Bri says ... on Wednesday, Jun 10 at 7:12 AM

This is user comment, NOT a NEWS story prepared by WKTV staff. Anyone can submit these fluff infomercials. It sounds just like it was taken off one of his blogs. Way to go Jason - keep up the comment stuffing. Guess you paid attention in com class

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Jonathon says ... on Monday, Jun 8 at 10:20 PM

Is this station going to interview the other canidates as well?

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Sam says ... on Monday, Jun 8 at 9:53 AM

I don't understand that either I think it really shows us that both parties don't really care about its people and aren't in tune with our values and concerns. At least Corrigan knows what it's like to be ignored because of his status. Vote for Jay!

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Adam says ... on Sunday, Jun 7 at 9:20 PM

He can't be any worse than what we currently have with John Nader. I can't believe the Democrats, and now they want to endorse Richard Miller, a Republican! Just goes to show you the agenda that's really going on behind closed doors.

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Chris says ... on Saturday, Jun 6 at 6:09 PM

Anyone who actally lives in Oneonta understands that our past and current elected officials have made Oneonta the stagnant city it is today. Jason can only help us, as we can clearly see those with "age" have not brought us up to speed.

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Bill says ... on Saturday, Jun 6 at 12:17 PM

I think an interview with Jason would be great as I don't think many people understand that he is not anything like other students and he truly seems to want to help improve the community.

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Cathy says ... on Friday, Jun 5 at 3:51 PM

I have followed the blogs on this guy and it seems like he is getting a lot of support, with a few who are either intimidated or afraid of the change he represents. I like that and good for him, we need someone to stand up to the status quo.

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John says ... on Thursday, Jun 4 at 4:55 PM

I like the opportunity this guy presents for Oneonta, we need new leadership so that we can really move forward. We are stuck because we use the same solutions to the same problems. Good luck with the campaign!

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Claire says ... on Thursday, Jun 4 at 10:52 AM

I think it says something that Jason gets all this media attention and the other candidates don't. I think there is also something to be said about how Jason is actually making an effort to get out and work with the community.

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Jillian says ... on Wednesday, Jun 3 at 11:18 AM

I am excited at the option of a new guy running for mayor. Finally someone who is good looking in politics.

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