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Clinton animal rescue looking for person who abandoned dog in parking lot

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CLINTON, N.Y. -- Spring Farm Cares in Clinton says someone illegally abandoned a dog in their parking lot on Sunday, leaving the animal scared and panicked.

The vehicle was captured on surveillance video dropping the dog off around 6 p.m. Sunday evening.

In a Facebook post admonishing the former owner for the “truly heartless act,” SFC shared the details of what happened after the dog was abandoned.

“It is illegal in New York State to abandon an animal. So what you did is against the law. But more importantly, it was truly a heartless act. What you didn’t see is that your dog panicked after you left. Our staff was leaving about that time, which we believe you knew. You probably thought that our staff would find her and rescue her and there would be a happy ending. But, sadly, she panicked and, scared out of her head, she ran away from everyone. We had to back off so that she wouldn’t go into the busy highway. We lost her in the dark. Several of us tried but we couldn’t find her and she ran off in her terror and confusion."

Eventually, the dog did make her way back to SFC, but was still skittish around the staff, who had put out food and a blanket for her.

“Luckily, at some point she came back here, hoping you’d be back for her. How she managed to avoid getting killed in the highway is a miracle. There was nearly a car accident as people tried to avoid her. But she made it back here to the farm again hoping she’d see you here.”

The staff says after a long, cold night they were finally able to get the dog to come inside.

“But your former dog is incredibly smart. She was scared. But she reached deep down inside and followed her heart. We had food out and she ate. And then she came to the door of our facility and stood at the door looking in. We opened the door and she very timidly stepped in. She had found safety. She is so incredibly lucky. “

Spring Farm Cares has shared surveillance photos of the car dropping off the dog in the parking lot, and is looking for help identifying the vehicle.

Anyone with information is asked to email:

Pets can be surrendered in a safe way by making arrangements with a local shelter or rescue ahead of time and following the proper channels to relinquish ownership.

Without proper notification, the animal is considered abandoned and can be placed for adoption after a certain period of time.

Spring Farm Cares posted an updated Wednesday, saying the dog has been placed in a foster home while a criminal investigation is conducted.

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