Rainy weather affecting high school sports

The rainy conditions have been taking a toll on some local sports teams.

Posted: May 14, 2019 11:58 PM
Updated: May 15, 2019 2:26 AM

NEW HARTFORD, N.Y.  - The rainy conditions have been taking a toll on some local sports teams.

New Hartford's varsity baseball team is one of the many teams facing challenges due to weather.

The team's field is covered in puddles of water. After a long winter, many local baseball teams have been excited to get out on the field and play but for New Hartford's this season has been a tough one.

"Its tough to play baseball, there's just really nowhere for this water to go," Kevin Green, New Hartford's varsity baseball coach said. "Right now, you know in the middle of May, you would think its time for us to be outside in some sunshine you know catching some flies and hitting some line drives and throwing strikes and having fun."

With all of the extra rain, Green says there have been quit a few cancellations.

"There's a lot of red on our schedule, I can just put it to you that way, I'm going to say probably six to seven that've been either rained out or moved," Green said.

On the days it isn't raining, the field is still too wet to play.

"I can see the water kinda laying on top of the ground to the point of you know you can see puddles come up and you know you reach that point where you have to make that determination of whether or not its worth it to go out and try to get a game in in a swamp."

With the lack of games being played so far this season, and the end of the season approaching quickly, Section 3 has waived the seven day rule to try to cram as many games in as possible.

"They waved that seven day rule and they allowed up to practice or play as many days in a row just to try to get your baseball games in the season completed," Green said "This is the first time in my nine years of coaching high school baseball that I've had a Sunday game schedules, so these cancellations make for long weeks."

Even though the whole team is being affected by the rain, Green feels especially bad for the seniors.

"There are seniors that are graduating, this is their final hoorah its the last sport that they'll play with the school name on the front of their jersey so it's a big deal," Green said. "You really want to try to play as many games as you can."

Green says in previous years, because the rainy weather made it difficult for many teams to get all of their games in for the season, changes were made to sectionals. He says if teams aren't able to play their allotted 20 games to qualify for sectionals, they could possibly let all of the teams compete.

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