Tim Reed steps down as Boilermaker president

Just one day after the Boilermaker Road Race, Tim Reed has announced he is stepping down as president of the race.

Posted: Jul 10, 2017 9:07 AM
Updated: Oct 24, 2017 4:01 PM

Utica, N.Y. - Just one day after the 40th Boilermaker Road Race, Tim Reed has announced he is stepping down as president of the race.

Reed is the brother of Boilermaker founder Earle Reed, and he has served as president for 10 years. He made the announcement at the annual post-Boilermaker debriefing on Monday morning, "I've been contemplating for a few months in regard to it, and I just thought, I've got ten years in the books, you know this is the 40th, it just kind of felt like it's the right time in regards to it.  And you know, a lot of times, they talk about sports people or whatever it is, and they've stayed one too many seasons."

Reed says he will stay on until the Boilermaker Committee selects a new president, which he believes will take a couple of months.   He says he just felt that it was time, and he says he had been discussing the possibility of stepping down with his family for the past few months. Some of the committee members were aware of the decision on Boilermaker Sunday.

With this year being the 40th Boilermaker, Reed says he thought it was the perfect time to step down and let someone else take over.  Now, at the age of 63, he says he may begin to look for a new challenge, possibly in another non-profit of even for profit organization, "This is the first time I've ever done something like this, where I'm just taking that step, but I think it's going to be a good gas!"

As far as things that stand out in his ten years leading the event, Reed says two things immediately come to mind.  First, he says just months into his first year as president, the lead sponsor of the boilermaker, General Motors, pulled out.  Secondly, he says the Boston Marathon terrorist attack in 2013 comes immediately to mind.  He says that attack affected the way the Boilermaker would be run in the years that followed, "If the runners could see what I see, in the spectators, in the volunteers, the people that are there for their care and safety, they would be like, wow!  From the FBI down to the U.P.D., the dogs, everything together."

Boilermaker Race Director Jim Stasaitis has worked closely with Reed over the years and says he will be sorely missed, "Tim has been a great leader, he has pushed the Boilermaker forward.  He has gotten out into the community with the health initiatives and everything that he's done.  In fact, he's gotten 'Race Director of The Year' last year, a national award, for how he has used the Boilermaker as a catalyst for the community, which says a lot."

Boilermaker Committee member Dick Mattia says it will be hard to replace Reed, "There's a committee that's going to be looking for his replacement.  So while there may be some local people that 'll be interested in it, I'm sure they'll also look at the bigger picture, because there are some people out there nationally that do that for a living."

When we asked Reed whether he is having any second thoughts on his decision, he replied, "You can't help it and I have a little tinge of sadness, or whatever it is, but no regrets, no regrets."  He added, "Hopefully I have added some value to the organization and made the community a better place."

Reed says he will help the new Boilermaker president in any way that he can heading into the 41st Boilermaker in 2018.

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