75 Remington Arms employees laid off

75 Remington Arms employees were laid off Tuesday.

Posted: Oct 1, 2019 11:09 PM

ILION, N.Y. - 75 Remington Arms employees were laid off Tuesday.

One of those employees laid off was Richard Perna, who says he didn’t see this coming, especially because he just got back to work in August after a summer long furlough.

Perna says he went to work at 3 p.m. Tuesday afternoon and his scan card to get in didn’t work. He and several other employees were brought into a meeting with management where they were told they were being laid off.

Perna says while the company could ask him to come back in the future, he isn’t holding his breath.

"With a layoff you know they're hopeful that they might be able to call some of us back or most of us at some point because they want to do new development, which I'm not going to hold a candle to because I don't know how long its going to take, I'm better off looking for another job," Perna said.

Perna says the reason for the lay off is a drop in sales and production.

"They told us the reason is there was just no work available, there was no sales that were showing good things of the future, so they had to let people go, not because of our fault but because of the companies fault," Perna said.

Ilion’s Mayor Brian Lamica says Remington Arms has always been a little up and down with production and sales.

"There have been some real big fluctuations over the years, they're doing good, they're not doing so good and that's just throughout Remington's history, but its our bread and butter, it really keeps our village alive," Lamica said.

Lamica says he hopes this isn’t foreshadowing something worse to come in the future.

"With the approximate 900 that work over here at the Ilion plant, you're looking at over $1 million, closer to $1.7 million out of our village if Remington were to leave the village," Lamica said. "That's tremendous, and its scary because I don't think we could ever sustain that blow, so as far as Remington goes I hope that they're here to stay, I hope its just another one of the slumps."

WKTV did reach out to Remington Arms, but we have yet to hear back.

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