95-year-old dentist still practicing in Utica

At 95 years old, a local man is still practicing dentistry.

Posted: Jan 11, 2019 6:33 PM

UTICA, N.Y. -- Dr. Kenneth Gordon may not move as fast as he used to, and after seventy years of practicing dentistry, he hasn’t lost his touch. He’s cut down the amount of time he spends practicing to one day a week, but he still has patients who won’t go anywhere else.

"I still have a patient who still…I don’t know how many, it’s got to be 40 years, maybe more… yeah even more than that. Yeah, that’s satisfying."

He sold his practice to Family Dental Healthcare, and has been working the owner Dr. Daniel Cerio. They’ve been working together for 26 years now, and it’s a relationship that seems unbreakable. Dr. Daniel Cerio says: "We just kind of hit it off immediately, and it was just no turning back."

Dr. Kenneth Gordon:  "We have never had a single argument about anything, and we’re always on the same page hopefully." (laughs)

Dr. Gordon performed groundbreaking work in orthodontics back in the seventies. He’s seen advancements in digital x-rays and the ability to make crowns in minutes, but it’s the love of dentistry and a good work environment that keeps him coming back.

Dr. Daniel Cerio:  "If I take a vacation, he covers for me. If he takes a vacation, I ask him where he’s going." (laughs)

Basic care hasn’t changed much over the years. Dr. Gordon tells us the best way to keep healthy teeth is to floss, and brush for at least 2 minutes. He also advises sticking to a healthy diet. "Too much sugar in the diet, we’re in business." (laughs) Dr. Gordon says he will retire someday, but leaves us with some good advice. "Try to keep your teeth, Because you’ll want them someday."

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