A Tiny House with Huge Benefits

Tiny Houses are becoming popular across the country, so the students at Oneida High School are learning how to downsize living space, and build a tiny house.

Posted: Dec. 6, 2017 5:40 PM
Updated: Dec. 6, 2017 5:47 PM

Building a tiny house is a real hands on project. Jacob Shantel, a 10th Grader at Oneida High School says:
"It seems easy from the beginning, but once you get going it’s a lot of work."

Carpentry, Engineering, Art, and even Business students are helping to make this tiny house someone’s home.

Robert Straczuk is the Technology Teacher at Oneida High School.
"That’s what makes this really a unique project. They’re learning what it takes to build a full scale house, but this- everything has got to be done, every little inch means something, so it’s tight. It has to be well planned, well designed, so that you have that space."
He says around 60 students will take away skills that may one day be used in their personal lives.

Alexes Lamb, 10th Grader:  "How to install windows and make it look really nice for the trim because we obviously had to rip off a couple boards because it looked raggy, but we fixed it."

Ethan Wentworth, 10th Grader:  "I think it’s a lot of fun, but it’s also teaching us a lot of things that we can use later on in life when we have our own homes and things that need to be repaired and things that need to be done around the house that you want to make changes to and its given us a lot of experience."

Experience some students find more gratifying than studying.
Nate Lohr, 10th Grader:  "Instead of sitting down and actually writing down stuff, I can actually work with my hands because it gets boring after a while sitting and writing, so I just like working on hands on and stuff."

That experience could likely amount to a cost savings down the road.
Tony Pickard, 9th Grader:  "If you buy a house, you’re always going to have to have work done to it, and it’s cheaper to do it yourself."

Construction on the tiny house started last spring and is expected to be finished in June. The house is likely going to be auctioned off or sold outright to cover the cost of building it.  Once the house is completed it will have a sleeping loft, a kitchen, a bathroom, and though it may not have a lot of living space, the education these kids are getting out of it is huge.

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