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A gradual warm-up throughout the week

A large high pressure system moves towards us, bringing dry and cold weather to start the week with a gradual warm-up heading towards the weekend.

Posted: Jan 20, 2020 12:16 AM

To start this week, it will be sunny but cold. However, a gradual change will take place bringing
warmer weather towards the end of the week. This is all thanks to a high pressure system that will move
slowly through the Northeast this week. To understand this change in temperature, let's explain what this
high pressure system does.

A high pressure system is an areas of sinking air with clockwise wind flow around it.

As this system moves in towards New York State, we will start on the East side of the system Monday. On this
side, the wind is Northerly bringing in cold air from Canada. This will drop our temperatures to below
normal, with highs only reaching the upper teens on Monday.

As the high pressure system moves on top of us towards Wednesday, the wind flow is almost calm and
temperatures return to near normal around 30 degrees.

This high pressure system exits off to the East towards the end of the week. This means we will be on the
West side of the system with a Southerly wind flow bringing in warm and humid air. This will rise our
temperatures to above normal with highs near 40 degrees by Friday. We will also have an increase in cloud
cover as this warm and humid air is allowed to rise and create clouds.

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