Active Shooter Training at City Hall

Utica Police took part in an active shooter training session at City Hall.

Posted: Dec 20, 2018 5:47 PM

If someone were to enter your building and start shooting, would you know what to do? An active shooter training session at Utica City Hall gave employees a feel for what they’d have to go through. Some employees never even heard shots fired. Patrol officers were able to get control of the shooter before those people even knew what happened, but not everyone was so lucky.
Police on the scene:  "We got multiple shooting victims in the building."

Though the training’s not a pleasant experience, Utica Mayor Robert Palmieri says it’s now becoming a necessity.

"These are things that maybe 10 years ago you would never even think about having to do something like that, but today, as we know just what happened at Utica College. It can happen anywhere, and if it is going to happen I want our people to be prepared."

Around 20 patrol officers, and a number of EMT’s from the Utica Fire Department participated, but Capt. Don Cinque tells us calculating how much this training session costs isn’t as easy as it might sound.

"There’s definitely a cost, and then there’s a cost for City Hall. I mean we shut City Hall down for 3 hours, so all those people are getting paid as well, so I mean I wouldn’t even know where to start. (In the end is it worth it?) Absolutely. Absolutely. If this ever happened and somebody saved their life by using the run, hide, fight principals and barricading in a safe spot and they lived, then… you can’t put a value on a life so."

While this exercise was primarily used to train police, the employees here may have benefited just as much by knowing what to do should they ever encounter an active shooter.

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