Augusta family of 6 shares important message after carbon monoxide poisoning

Augusta family shares their story of carbon monoxide poisoning to help others.

Posted: Jan. 8, 2018 6:34 PM
Updated: Jan. 8, 2018 8:30 PM

Augusta, N.Y. - A family of six that lives along Sharman Rd. in Augusta in Oneida County spoke to News Channel 2 on Monday and say they are all blessed, and that there was an angel looking over them this weekend.

That family of six includes Jim Sabines, his fiancé Lori McMillan, her two daughters, Kahja and Kasandra, Kasandra's fiancé Dan Alexander, and Kasandra and Dan's six month old baby boy named Chase.

All six are lucky to be alive after they say doctors told them they could have all died from the high level of carbon monoxide in their systems after being rescued around 4:30 Sunday morning.

The house is believed to have been slowly been filled with a deadly level of carbon monoxide over a period of days due to the pipe leading outside from a coal-burning stove being clogged, along with a crack in the frame of that coal-burning stove.

The family says they did not have a carbon monoxide detector in the house. If they had, it may have gone off days before this ever happened.

Sabines says he is thankful to be alive and happy to be able to do something as simple as an interview with WKTV. He says his look at life is a lot different now after his family's near-death experience, "Don't sweat the small stuff".

Sabines says everyone in the house was suffering from some level of carbon monoxide poisoning, "I woke up in the hallway and I really know how I got there. And I was just dizzy, I couldn’t stand up."

Hi fiancé Lori says everything to her was fuzzy, "I can’t explain it. Everything was slow. Then I went into the bathroom to get Tylenol I guess or something, and passed out."

Lori's 12 year old daughter Kahja says she doesn't remember much at all, "I remember just stopping in the hallway because I couldn’t move anymore. I felt like I was paralyzed."

Lori's oldest daughter Kasandra was downstairs, "My heart was just racing, I was sitting in the recliner with a cold cloth on my head. Next thing I heard was a big clunk coming from the bathroom after my mom told me she was going to get sick."

Kasandra's fiancé Dan was the least effected and was trying to get everyone out of the house when Lori was on the phone with 911 but wasn't making any sense, "I was like what is going on, we got to get out of here. She called 911. I'm like give me the phone she just wasn't comprehending at that moment." Dan was able to give the 911 operator information before he had become overcome by the deadly innocuous gas.

Six month old Chase was sleeping, but all six were carried out by Oriskany Falls firefighters.

Lori McMillan says her family cannot thank the Oriskany Falls Fire Department enough and says there are many lessons that have come from this near-death experience but she says there's one she really wants to share with everyone, "All I can tell people is use carbon monoxide detectors."

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