Catholic school active shooter training

The school year is about to begin, but some teachers are already in the classroom learning, only this is the kind of knowledge you hope you never have to use.

Posted: Aug 29, 2018 6:24 PM

At Holy Family School in Syracuse, teachers are taking an active shooter class. It’s not being offered as an option, it’s a requirement, and it doesn’t just apply to teachers.

David Mason, Armoured One Trainer:  "Not only teachers, but any other staff that’s in the building, so we have secretaries, teachers, administrators, custodians, anybody who would be in the school on a day to day basis. We also run training for bus drivers."

David Mason is a Trainer for Armoured One. A company specializing in security and protection. They’ve been tasked with teaching everyone at this Catholic school what to do should they ever encounter an active shooter.

The fighting techniques being taught were practical enough to give teachers some confidence, but this training wasn’t all about engaging in a battle.

"Teach them about their options for a situation if it were to happen in their building. How they can react, how they can protect themselves, how they can escape, how they can protect the children, and fight back if necessary."

WKTV was asked not to show portions of some sessions, so we wouldn't give away any tactics, but if you want to know what was learned, just ask a teacher. Chris Isbell is a Kindergarten Teacher who feels many of her fellow teachers are uncomfortable around guns, but are now feeling a little different about their abilities to defend themselves and their students.

"It just gives me the confidence that I need to do the things that I need to do to keep my kids safe."

We asked Sister Christina Luczynski, Principal of Holy Family School, what parents are saying about the active shooter training.

"Parents are very happy that we are doing this and that they know that we’re trying to prepare ourselves in the best possible way to keep their children as safe as possible, and when they drop them off they give them that kiss in the morning and they want to be able to kiss them again in the evening when they come home."

That’s why this Catholic school has made active shooter training mandatory.

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