Colgate's flight, Uber rumor gives Raiders exposure ahead of big game, players say

People may have seen a tweet saying Colgate’s Jordan Burns missed a flight and had to take an Uber to Columbus.

Posted: Mar 21, 2019 6:05 PM

COLUMBUS, OHIO -- The first round of games started Thursday for the NCAA tournament – the local Mohawk Valley team, Colgate University, is in Columbus, Ohio getting ready for the big game.

People may have seen a tweet saying Colgate’s Jordan Burns missed a flight and had to take an Uber to Columbus, and as funny as the story would be if it were true, the sophomore guard was here in Columbus on Wednesday just as he was supposed to be.

“No, no, no the Uber situation is hilarious. All I can do is laugh. It’s funny,” Burns said.

The tweet went viral causing a little chaos among the Colgate community, including a call from his mom.

“She knew it wasn’t true. My momma always knows, she was like ‘I know you would've called me if that would've happened.’ She knew right away, but it was funny to her. She was like ‘why would somebody do that.’ It was just funny though,” Burns said.

“I saw that yesterday I'm like is he, he's on the plane. I just took a video with him. I was ridiculous – it was absurd. I know he's here; we need him,” said Colgate forward Rapolas Ivanauskas.

It gave the team a chuckle and they were even loving the exposure, even if it wasn't real.

“I got a good laugh out of it. Thought it was funny first I was like who the heck is this guy but at least someone is talking about us I thought it was pretty funny,” said Dana Batt, center.

“I actually got it sent to me by a couple of kids. I think it’s kinda cool like Dana said. Colgate gets a little exposure in any way possible. He's here, it’s not really, but it was funny,” said Tucker Richardson, Raiders senior guard.

All the Raiders have been accounted for, they were all at open practice earlier Thursday, and they're all prepared for Friday's showdown against the Tennessee volunteers.

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