DA to put all Conley evidence on office website

Kaitlyn Conley's highly-controversial murder trial is over, but the court of public opinion is still in session.

Posted: Dec 12, 2017 5:34 PM
Updated: Dec 13, 2017 10:38 AM

Kaitlyn Conley's highly-controversial murder trial is over, but the court of public opinion is still in session.

"This is the first case I can recall since I've been the elected district attorney where I'm being openly accused of wrongfully convicting somebody and being constantly accused of it," says Oneida County District Attorney Scott McNamara.

Conley's family has been making rounds on TV and radio talk shows and news programs, stating why they believe she's not responsible for the 2015 poisoning death of her boss, chiropractor Mary Yoder. They've had T-shirts and signs made, as well as the "Free Kaitlyn Conley" website.

McNamara plans to put out some information, too; after Conley is sentenced for manslaughter January 11, he's putting all the evidence from the Conley trial on the Oneida County D.A.'s office website.

"So all the people that are out there saying, 'I don't think she did it,' when they read the whole transcript of the whole trial, they can say anything they want, but at least then they'll be informed on what the evidence was that this jury heard," said McNamara.

McNamara also feels the unprecedented move is important on a larger scale.

"So that the public can trust the criminal justice system. Number two, I have a responsibility to the people who elect me. And I think I want those people to understand what we based our prosecution on and why she was convicted."

McNamara on Monday put out on social media a photo that wasn't in evidence in the case, but that he says prosecutors found on Conley's cell phone. The drawing, by artist Chiara Bautista, depicts a headless corpse lying in water with a dagger or sword in its back. A woman is standing over the body, holding the head of a bird. The picture is titled, 'The Breakup'. Prosecutors have alleged that Conley's motive in the case was the toxic relationship between herself and Yoder's son, Adam Yoder.

"Sometimes the evidence that we can't put in front of a jury let's us know we got it right," McNamara said. "Just because they're not admissible at trial doesn't mean we shouldn't be able to put them out there to show the public what other things we had that made us believe that we were going down the right path."

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