E-Commerce vs. Local Shopping

Are shoppers going to be out in numbers or are they doing their shopping on-line?

Posted: Dec 19, 2017 6:16 PM

The competition to see who can get your dollar is becoming tougher with the vast number of on-line shopping sites.
Yorkville Resident Robin Talerico does the majority of her shopping on-line.  "I did probably 75% on-line."

Rachael Colacino lives in Philadelphia does do some shopping on-line. "I did do a bunch of on-line shopping and I try to do a little bit throughout the year so I’m not spending all the money at the end of the year."

So how are local retailers able to compete with the internet? We spoke with Jim Boscov -CEO of Boscov’s to get the answer. "I read the same things you do in the paper, and they talk about how Amazon is eating everybody’s lunch, but frankly we’re beating our figures both brick and mortar and our e-commerce business. People still like to see an item in person and feel it. If I’m going to buy a bedspread or comforter, I want to feel it."

Consumers take it a step further. They say the shopping experience is also a draw. Robin Talerico says "Because you walk by and see stuff that, you know I came for an electric blanket for my daughter, so I don’t know. I didn’t think to buy it on-line."

Rachael Colacino says there's an added benefit to shopping in stores:  "I do because I find gifts that I am not necessarily looking for, so I like seeing what is around like the dog teepee over there, which maybe I’m going to buy or maybe not, but yea I like it because you can see… when you’re on-line you’re looking for something really specific, but in the stores you can kind of look around."

It is getting close to the time where the on-line shoppers will have to resort to local shopping as the deadline for Christmas deliveries starts to dwindle. Jim Boscov says it's all part of the consumer make-up: 

"You’ve got people who plan well in advance and they have their list done before Thanksgiving, right after Thanksgiving, and then there are others who time it out. They space out their buying, and they do it between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and of course there are always a few people who leave it for the last-minute."

If you’re one of those who likes the rush of waiting till the last minute, just remember to plan for travel time, and all the other last-minute shoppers.

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