Ever wonder why low pressure is the bearer of bad weather?

I'll explain why a low pressure system creates warm/cold fronts and how it will bring a wet start to this week.

Posted: Jul 28, 2019 10:10 PM

After a round of storms today, things become quiet with just a few lingering showers
for tonight. Overnight, it will be very warm and humid with mostly cloudy skies and
lows in the upper 60s.

Monday morning we start off dry with partly sunny skies and temperatures already in the
low 70s. In the afternoon, expect pop up thunderstorms across the region. These form
as a low pressure system hangs over us and continues to bring unsettled weather.

Why? This is because a low pressure system turns counterclockwise wrapping air into
it. As this system moves so does the air it carries.

This is what creates a warm front as warm, moist air is brought up from the South and
is pulled towards the low pressure center. As the warm air moves with the system,
usually to the East, it is lifted over cooler air ahead of it. This allows storms to
pop as this warm and wet air is lifted and then condenses into clouds.

The same concept applies to a cold front. Cool air is brought down from the North as
it is pulled into the low pressure center. As this system moves, the cold air runs
into warmer air. Because cold air wants to sink and warm air wants to rise, the cold
air undercuts the warm air forcing it to rise. This allows warm and moist air to rise
ahead of the cold front and condense high up in the sky, which creates thunderstorms.

Going back to your forecast, our weather will be controlled by a warm front on Monday.
This explains why we will have hot and humid weather with pop up storms in the
afternoon during the peak heat of the day. The warm air behind this warm front sticks
around for Tuesday keeping the chance for a few storms. Highs will be in the upper 80s
both days with heat indices in the low 90s, meaning that's what it will feel like.

Wednesday, a cold front moves through with optimal conditions for scattered heavy
thunderstorms. This also explains why our high temperatures will only reach the low
80s with much lower humidity in the evening behind this cold front.

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