Fighting over the Creekside Mobile Home Park

The fight to shut down the Creekside Mobile Park in the Town of German Flatts is costing taxpayers, and the fight might not be over.

Posted: Nov 7, 2018 6:17 PM

The Town of German Flatts took the Creekside Mobile Home Park to court to shut it down. They cited safety concerns over flooding in their lawsuit. The Town won their case and the park’s tenants were evicted, but Owner William Jaquish tells us the case was really about vengeance.

(Q: What was the Town’s purpose of trying to get this park shut down?) "That’s a very good question."

It’s a question taxpayers should also be asking. The new Town Supervisor, Peter Rovazzi, says taxpayers will be paying for the legal fees for years. The Town is also operating in fiscal distress and has to make cuts to budgets that impact the community.

"The Board had decided to make some cuts in the library end of things, and we tried to do some donation to the Mohawk Valley Ambulance Corps., and from the tentative budget to the preliminary, that had to get reduced."

So while the Town struggles with their financial situation, so do the owners of the Creekside Park. They’ve started the work to comply with the courts demands, but the decision isn’t sitting well with the parks owners.

"One good reason why the rest of this park cannot continue to run. What is a valid reason? We have yet to get it."

The court is mandating that much of the stonework next to the creek be removed, and then the land graded back, but that’s not all. One trailer has to be removed as well. All the work has to be completed by December 1st, or they face a fine of $250. a day.
William Jaquish says he's not giving up with the Park. "Right now we have to comply with the court order, ok, and that means you’re talking the destruction of this park basically, but then we are going to continue to see about getting this park open and re-operate it."

We did reach out to the Town’s Attorney to see whether they plan to continue to fight to keep the entire park closed, but their attorney is out of town for the week. We will continue to bring you updates on any developing news concerning the Park.

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