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Geppetto Studios moves to Utica

New York City company Geppetto Studios has moved their operations to Broad Street in Utica.

Posted: May 21, 2019 6:09 PM
Updated: May 21, 2019 6:12 PM

UTICA - Their puppets are a little crazy, and their costumes elaborate. New York City based company Geppetto Studios has completely moved their operations to Utica, and co-owner/puppetmaker Scott Molampy tells us this move is a step up.

"There’s a move back toward costuming and puppetry, where it’s the real puppet and not some CGI thing."

Computer Generated Imagery is becoming more and more popular, but co-owner/designer Will Mills doesn't see it replacing everything.

"You know, I love animation, and what it can do and the possibilities of CGI and all. But it has its limitations, and I think you can’t replace this."

Molampy says: "You’ll get clients that like this form of sculpture where they don’t need CGI, and there’s plenty of them out there."

Geppetto Studios fabricates costumes, puppets, and props for production companies all over the world. Their primary clients come from around the New York City area, but they have done work from as far away as Japan. Mills talked about some of their bigger clients.

"We worked with David Letterman for almost 20 years. We worked with John Oliver. We’ve worked with a lot of different talk shows. We were on 'Celebrity Apprentice'."

There’s a continuing move to bring artists into downtown areas. Molampy says this is the third time this company has moved because of the rising costs of real estate in art districts.

"Artists are known for bringing realtors to areas, because artists bring neighborhoods back. So we did that three times, and maybe Utica will be that way."

Before stopping in and pestering these guys, remember this is a high end custom shop, not a retail store. So be sure to go to their website before giving them a call:

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