Higginsville Bridge Concerns

A bridge that shifted during demolition had State officials concerned, but local residents have their own concerns.

Posted: Sep 6, 2019 5:44 PM

The Higginsville Bridge has been closed since 2008, and was in the process of being demolished, but when the structure shifted, the Department of Transportation had safety concerns. All boating traffic in the area was immediately closed down. Around 11:30 Thursday evening a plan to pull the bridge down was executed. Nobody was injured and there is no danger to the public, but local residents like Peter Grant are now wondering about other bridges.

"Well they got 4 or 5 of them down the stretch through here that are out. So I mean it’s possible that some of them could be…you know… if they ever do anything with them they could be structurally… the foundation for it could be structurally insufficient and they possibly could collapse I suppose."

The Department of Transportation’s concern is getting this bridge out of the canal, but local residents like Arthur Mongeon have concerns about what’s going to happen when the bridge re-opens.

"Oh I’m definitely concerned, but like I said with the traffic for sure. The traffic… watch this car come by probably doing 60-70 miles per hour… eh he wasn’t too bad, but once that’s open it’s game on."

Traffic does seem to move along rather quickly on the road. Dana Shoen who lives on Higginsville Road thinks it’s only going to get worse.

"This road is scheduled to be resurfaced next year, so when that bridge gets put back in the amount of traffic on this road is going to increase greatly because of the campground, and the speed is going to increase greatly with a new road."

There is plenty of activity on the bridge site, and the DOT released a statement saying a crew does plan to use an excavator with shears to cut and dismantle the truss. The new bridge is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2020, but there’s been no word from State officials on when the canal will re-open.

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