High pressure means beautiful weather continues!

High pressure will stay over us for the next few days bringing plenty of sunshine and low humidity!

Posted: Jul 7, 2019 8:36 PM

Sunday evening we have beautiful weather with mostly sunny skies and temperatures in the
low to mid 70s. Also, we have a break from the humidity with refreshing conditions tonight.
We will cool off quickly with lows in the low 50s and mostly clear skies. A great night to
give your AC a break and open the windows to let your home cool down.

Warm and dry conditions continue for Monday with sunny skies as a very strong high pressure
system stays over us.

High pressure means that the air in the upper atmosphere is sinking, not allowing clouds to
form. This is because the sinking air warms as it descends, causing the clouds to
evaporate. Wind around the high pressure system moves clockwise.

For Monday, we stay on the East side of this system meaning that we will have a North wind.
North winds draw down cooler and drier air from Canada. This is why our high temperatures
for Monday are only around 80 degrees with very low humidity.

Gorgeous weather continues for Tuesday with sunny skies and dry conditions. The one
difference is that the high pressure system will be directly over us. This is the area
where the winds are calm, meaning that we no longer have a cool North wind. Calm winds will
allow us to heat up more during the day with highs in the low 80s, which is normal for

Wednesday starts out nice with partly cloudy skies. We are now on the West side of the
high pressure system as it moves away from us. This means that we have a South wind
bringing in warm moist air from the Atlantic ocean. The warm moist air will rise allowing
some clouds to form. South winds will cause us to heat up even more with highs in the mid
to upper 80s and very high humidity. This creates the chance for some light showers late
in the day, if we have enough lifting to allow the clouds over us to hold all of this

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