How the weather plays a role in the economy

Old Forge is a winter destination, but it’s also a huge economic driver for Herkimer County, and the weather plays a big role.

Posted: Dec. 27, 2017 6:19 PM
Updated: Dec. 27, 2017 6:24 PM

OLD FORGE - Well it’s pretty clear that the snow is bringing people up here to Old Forge, but the cold weather is also having an effect on the economy.

A recent storm dropped over 2 feet of snow on the Town of Webb. Now snowmobilers are lining up at the Tourism Center to get their season passes, and it’s like printing money for Herkimer County. Snowmobilers like Dan Egan came here from Long Island, but not just for riding.

"For a weekend you could easily spend a thousand bucks, but you don’t have to spend that much, but we like to have fun so, you know…the flood gates open, the flood gates are open. Rock & roll."

The money doesn’t just stay in Old Forge. Town of Webb Tourism Director Mike Farmer tells us how Old Forge is just the starting point.

"They go out and they’re riding 100-150 miles in a day. They get out of this area. They use this as a base of operations, and that impact from the income from snowmobilers goes all directions to other counties from here."

The freezing weather also forces people to take breaks from the outside, and for local businesses, it amounts to money on the inside.
Ted Grey works at McCauley Mountain and tells us what happens when it gets real cold outside.

"When we have a lodge filled with people that are warming up with hot chocolate and whatever else, then it’s just great for my concessions, my rentals, the whole mountain."

Mike Farmer tells us just how much the County depends on the winter weather.

"It will bring us upwards of $20 million for the season, and that’s all in winter recreation, tourism, in Herkimer County. Northern Herkimer County."

So it doesn’t look like the cold weather is keeping anyone from having fun, or contributing to the local economy.

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