How to catch a drug dealer

Oneida Police are using a little humor to catch drug dealers.

Posted: Jul. 19, 2018 6:01 PM

Oneida City Police are using a little humor to try to catch drug dealers. They’ve posted on their facebook page a notice to drug dealers offering to eliminate the competition. All you have to do is send in the information on where the drug dealer lives, cell phone number, vehicle they drive, and any other information that can be used to catch them.

Oneida Police Chief Paul Thompson says it is a little funny, but it’s also effective.

"I don’t think anybody filled out the form, and probably nobody will, but they will respond in other ways. Either with anonymous information, or even leaving their name and calling and providing us with information."

Oneida Resident Lester Wynne thinks the message is a good one, but isn’t sure how effective it will be.

"I think the more people you touch with this it’s going to open some more eyes, but I think the issue is so thick in the city that I don’t know what they can do about it. I honestly don’t. It moves from … they’ll bust somebody in one building, they’ll move to another building, and it starts all over again."

Nicholas Kampf says he could turn in dozens of drug dealers, but he says being a snitch is risky business.

(what would happen to somebody if they were to turn somebody else in and were found out?) "Somebody would get broke up real bad. Somebody would get hurt. Yeah, somebody would get hurt real bad. Somebody would go to the hospital, and somebody would go to jail."

Some business owners were reluctant to talk on camera about the issue fearing retaliation. It’s a fear that resonates throughout the community.
Oneida Resident Kevin Evans expressed it without saying it.

(if this even gets one drug dealer off the street is it worth it?)
"I guess so. Yes. Ok. But I can’t tell you who, and I can’t tell you where, and I can’t tell you nothin’."

The Chief says while this message is a little tongue and cheek, it is getting results, and if you do want to turn someone in, you can do it anonymously.

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