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Ideas about combating violence

Social Media sites are buzzing with opinions about what to do over the school violence happening across the country. What is the answer? The responses weren’t easy to come by.

Posted: Feb 15, 2018 6:19 PM

The school shooting in Florida has many around the area thinking about their own safety and what should be done to curb the violence.
NEWSChannel 2 posed a question to a number of people locally: What is the answer? The responses weren’t easy to come by.

Gita Conroy, Rome Resident:  "I don’t know. Try to create/teach more empathy at school. There’s really … you know it’s…I don’t know. It’s a very hard question."

Maria Oles, New Hartford Resident:  "The gun laws maybe. I don’t know how these kids are getting the guns from their parents. You know I don’t…. or where they’re getting them. I mean you can buy them off the streets. I don’t know. It’s a tough question."

Mike Geddes, New Hartford Resident:  "Well there’s already gun laws. There’s plenty of gun laws on the books. Gun laws, I don’t see how gun laws would stop it. If someone has that in their heart to do, they’re going to do it."

Candy Benner, Utica Resident:  "I think honestly they should start putting metal detectors in the school. Patting… I mean now when you think about it some parents are probably going to be upset about it, but what do you want? Do you want kids to continue to keep coming to school with guns, or do you want your kids safe or no? I feel like that’s the answer."

Mary Bullock, Utica Resident:  "I think gun control first and foremost. We have to start someplace and I think that’s the place to start."

John Sullivan, New Hartford Resident:  "The answer is … needs to be found in the home. Return to prayer and return to GOD. That’s the answer. It’s not a ban on assault weapons. That’s not going to do anything."

Megan Marzeski, Herkimer Resident:  "Tragedy like this happens and we say something in the moment, and then it dies down and then it kind of turns into crickets again and we don’t talk about it enough to figure out you know what more can we do as parents, what more can we do as teachers, and I think it needs to be talked about more."

Everyone we spoke with had some kind of solution they felt might help, but the big questions now are: what actions will be taken, and how quickly they’ll be put in place?

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