Ilion water problems continue

The Village of Ilion has been dealing with water issues for years, and people are wondering when the problem will be fixed.

Posted: Aug 16, 2018 6:08 PM

Village of Ilion Mayor Brian Lamica has only been in office for a couple weeks, and has spent much of his time fielding phone calls from angry residents. The water coming out the faucets is often brown or discolored, and sometimes has a smell and taste to it. The mayor says the smell is from Sulphur leaching into the system through the wells, and the taste is iron. While it may not look or even taste good, he says it’s tested regularly, and has been deemed safe to drink.

"We have a water issue. It’s not something that cropped up overnight. Is it been something that has gotten worse over time with installing the wells in the system, yea it aggravated what the issue was. We can look back to the past all we want. We have to look toward the future."

The discoloration happens when the well system from the North side of the Village sends water into the system at the same time water from the south reservoirs do. That causes a disruption in the system.

"It’s like a wave crashing in on a beach, and when the wave comes in its bringing stuff with it, when the two waters meet what it does is that anything that’s been formed in the pipes over the last 100 years gets kicked loose and starts moving around in the pipe."

The lower well has to be used because there’s not enough supply coming from the upper reservoirs while the filters are being cleaned, and that’s a process. Turning on and off the filtration system isn’t as easy as it sounds. An entire room has to be skimmed and refilled with sand in order for water to flow smoothly through the system. Until there’s a new system in place the water, at least in the summer months, will likely continue to be discolored. The mayor is meeting with state officials next week to hopefully get moving on a solution.

"I have a lot of people here in the Village that are looking for answers, so I need to come home next week with answers. Something for everybody here as to the direction we’re heading in."

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