Business owners are investing in Sylvan Beach

Right now Sylvan Beach seems to be a hot spot, and it’s not just the beach that’s drawing the interest. Business owners are being drawn to the area.

Posted: Jun 27, 2019 6:00 PM
Updated: Jun 27, 2019 6:15 PM

SYLVAN BEACH - Willy’s Chop Shop is one of the newest businesses to open up in Sylvan Beach. Joe and Lisa Carbone saw it as a good investment, and opened the business in less than 2 months. They brought in seasoned Chef Gary Murphy to run the place. Gary jumped at the opportunity seeing the potential that goes beyond the restaurant.

"Sylvan Beach is one of those untapped areas that is really, really special. It’s a super small community, but during season, the population will quadruple."

Yesterday’s Royal has been around since 1914, but the owner is investing time and money into re-opening the restaurant. Money from a $500,000 Restore New York Grant is also being used to update the building. Contractors are putting on a new roof, fixing the foundation, and installing new windows.

Pat Goodenow is the president of the Sylvan Beach Resort Association. He tells us it’s a rebirth seen throughout the area.

"I think they see a future in Sylvan Beach as I did when I was a few years younger than I currently am. Sylvan Beach was always good to me, and it is a great place to be in business, but it’s also a great place to come and have fun whether you stay the day or take a week’s vacation."

Two of the biggest reasons for investing in Sylvan Beach are the beach and the water. It’s like a magnet for tourists throughout the summer season. Dan Cifonelli has been seeing an increase in those tourists visiting his restaurant over the last four years. It’s the potential he saw when he bought the Pancake House.

"It says summer. The beach has restaurants, the marinas, boating, fishing, gift stores, parks, events. This… when you think of summer… amusement park... When you think of summer, you should think of Sylvan Beach because it’s got all the summer stuff!"

If you’re still not sold on the area, you just have to listen to the latest investor of Carbone’s Beachside - Donnie Carbone.

"Where else can you go in Upstate New York where you get a beautiful beach, you get all kinds of bars, restaurants that serve great food, 40 minute driving distance from just about anywhere around here… why not?"

The real question might not be why not, but rather who’s next?

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