Kirkland woman asking dog owners to obey the law

A Kirkland mother who takes her son, who has autism, to the Kirkland Town Park, wants dog owners to obey the law and leash their pets.

Posted: May 27, 2018 1:37 PM
Updated: May 27, 2018 2:12 PM

Kirkland, N.Y. - Monica Reid says she's had enough days ruined by dog owners who break the law, so she wants to get her story out there to hopefully get dog owners to understand her frustration and maybe change their ways.

Reid often brings her three kids to the Kirkland Town Park to play, but she says some of her time with her kids at the park has been ruined by dog owners who do not leash their dogs, despite a sign at the front of the park that says 'Pets Must Be Leashed At All Times', as it is Kirkland Town law.

One of Reid's three children, 13 year old Bryson, has autism, and she says he is very afraid of dogs. Reid says Bryson had a incident with a dog when he was little and that's when things changed suddenly, "All of a sudden he went from being ambivalent to dogs to really, really being afraid, just flat out terrified."

Reid says most of the time, dogs are on leashes in the park but when they aren't sometimes a playful dog that may just want to play, approaches Bryson, and no matter how friendly the dog may be, Bryson runs, and runs as fast as he can, "Twice he ran into the street to avoid a dog. It’s upsetting when you think that your son's actual life could be in danger because of a dog phobia and because of people not following the law."

When Reid sees that a dog not on a leash, she yells out, 'Can you please leash your dog'.

Reid says in some cases, the dog owner does pull out a leash out of their pocket and leashes their dog, but in many cases she says the dog owners yells, 'He's a friendly dog'.

Reid says whether the dog is friendly or not, it still should be leashed. She says the issue is that her son is afraid of all dogs and she, and he, shouldn't have to worry about his safety in a public park where it clearly states that pets must be on leashes.

Reid says some dog owners don't understand her fears when she tells them why she is asking them to leash their dog.  She says in a couple of cases the dog owners just didn't care. She's gotten so frustrated that she's considered starting some sort of ad campaign called 'Leashes for Bryson'.

Reid says she hopes getting this message out this way, through the media, will help, and that she won't need to come up with an ad campaign, "If I have to shout out at somebody, 'please leash your dog', it’s already starting something that’s unpleasant and negative. And, it's illegal.  I mean it’s the law.  So if you have a dog that’s not on a leash, please put that leash on."

We reached out to the Kirkland Police about whether they've cracked down on offenders in the past, or will do so once hearing Reid's story, but were unable to reach anyone on this Sunday during Memorial Day Weekend.

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