Legalizing Recreational Marijuana in NY

State lawmakers are exploring whether or not to legalize recreational marijuana in New York?

Posted: Sep 20, 2018 6:26 PM
Updated: Sep 21, 2018 5:17 PM

When it comes to pot, some people have a very strong opinion.

Gary Colmey, Legalize it CNY: "It can provide healthy relaxation, mood enhancement, heightened sense of taste, touch, smell. Positive, good emotional responses to things that happen in and around you, and it can be the polar opposite I believe of what intoxication is."

But how safe is the products you’re buying when they’re coming off the street?

Landon Dias, Political Affairs and Compliance Manager at MedMen: "What are they using? How is it tested? How is it grown? What is on it? What pesticides, fungicides are being used on it? Is there any mold on it? What chemicals are they using when they’re making oils or concentrates? Are they using alcohol, or are they using CO2? These are the type of things that we really need to look at because the people of New York are using it."

Addiction is another hot topic. Cassandra Sheets, Center for Family Life and Recovery CEO: "Prevention is the utmost and our messaging to our people is too, and I’m in agreement with Donna on the gateway piece to it, and the younger that people start using these drugs, the more likelihood for them to become addicted."

Mark Wolber, Attorney:  "There are many substances that are addictive. Caffeine can be addictive, cigarettes can be addictive, alcohol can be addictive, gambling can be addictive. Because there are some people who are addicted to some substances is not in my opinion a basis to criminalize that conduct."

Landon Dias, Political Affairs and Compliance Manager at MedMen: "At the end of the day our job is to balance the good versus the bad, and I do believe if we can find that there is greater good than bad for the legalization of marijuana, which I believe. If we’re talking about less people going to jail, we’re talking about people using something that’s safer, that we know that they’re going to use, something that is regulated, taxed. It shouldn’t be a money grab, but we can get some tax revenue, we can use some tax revenue. We can create jobs, and make sure we know what people are using. I think that is a win."

Scott McNamara, Oneida County District Attorney: "I don’t care if you legalize marijuana. I don’t care, but before we make that decision, we need to consider about the health issues, we need to consider about enforcement issues. There’s so many other issues we need to do, and like Phyllis was saying, don’t just change the law and then just let us try to work it all out."

Senator Joe Griffo, (R) 47th District: "Let's do it right, so you know I want everybody to understand that so it’s not that we should drag our feet, but we need to learn from all these lessons and the experiences that we’ve had in our state as well as what’s taking place in other states, so if you’re going to move forward on an initative it should be done properly."

The Senator will have a public meeting on the subject in the future.

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