Local Apple Expert Talks #BatteryGate

Local Apple expert Dave Griffin of Connecting Point Computer Center, talks about iPhone battery issues.

Posted: Dec 29, 2017 6:55 PM
Updated: Dec 29, 2017 7:05 PM

NEW HARTFORD- You might be thinking to yourself, has Apple been purposely slowing down your iPhone so you have to go buy the newest one? Apple experts at Connecting Point Computer Centers say they haven’t been doing that at all.

The experts at Connecting Point in New Hartford have been servicing Apple products since the early 1980’s. The experts say by Apple controlling battery power it is for the consumers benefit.

“So it’s actually doing their users a favor,” said David Griffin, Connecting Point Apple expert. “However they weren’t telling anyone that they were throttling the battery, so they should have told people that this was happening.”

The battery throttling behavior began just a year ago. Experts say Apple issued update 10.2 to make sure your iPhone didn’t shut down abruptly.

“When your battery gets down to 20% it shuts down abruptly, and the reason it does that is because the battery is unable to supply enough power to the components,” said Griffin.

Apple also made public come January 2018, the company will issue a pop up message in your settings to let you know exactly when to change your iPhone battery.

The multibillion company is currently offering a $29 battery replacement for the iPhone 6 and latter.

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