MOVAC to return to fundraising to ensure survival

A local ambulance service is looking to those they help, to come to their rescue.

Posted: Oct 24, 2019 6:11 PM

A local ambulance service is looking to those they help, to come to their rescue.

"With the changes in billing and the vast amount of our population that are on government programs like medicare and medicaid, we're getting an average reimbursement for each dollar of about 30 cents on the dollar and that is just not going to buy type three ambulances that cost $155,000," says MOVAC President/CEO, Greg Eisenhut.

MOVAC, itself, is on life support. With their revenue stream having slowed to a trickle, they're going to have to start fundraising again; a practice they stopped years ago, when they started billing. Thursday, they gratefully accepted a $500 donation from the Lions Club of Greater Herkimer. The president of that organization put out a call.

"We'd like to challenge, basically, all the civic organizations in the area to match that donation or better it," says President, Rudolph Scialdo.

The president/ceo of MOVAC is appealing to the five municipalities they serve to help ensure their survival.

"Unfortunately what we've been telling those local governments; we need your help. You need to help us fill a little bit of a gap, because 30 cents on the dollar, and that's what we took in last year, doesn't cut it. We need more than that or else we can't survive."

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