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Movin' Mondays Spider Lunges

An easy leg stretch move to get your blood flowing

Posted: Apr 16, 2018 12:32 PM

WKTV - Welcome to Moving Mondays! We are now into springtime and I thought we would switch it up a little bit. This move is something you can do at work, if you have an office and have space because we are going on the floor. I recommend doing this move in the morning when you wake up or just before you go to bed.

So we are going to get on the floor and work our legs. We are going to be inspired by one of the comics, Spiderman! First step is to get into a plank. Make sure your hands are below your shoulder. Take you right leg and bring it up to your right hand, or as close as you can get. You should be feeling this in your hamstring. Bring the right foot back and switch to the left foot to the left hand.

You notice the difference between Jason and my feet. Mine is much closer to my hand than Jason's but he is still feeling the stretch. This move is not for speed, go as slow as you need to get the full stretch in. Try for 10 total, rest and then repeat two more times. SO KEEP ON MOVING!>

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