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#NationalPizzaDay: Top 10 places to get pizza in the Mohawk Valley

A pie at Slice Pizzeria in Utica. A pie at Slice Pizzeria in Utica.

WKTV asked viewers where their favorite place to get a slice or a pie was in the greater Utica area, and they didn’t disappoint.

Posted: Feb 9, 2019 10:41 AM
Updated: Feb 9, 2019 10:59 AM

Pizza lovers everywhere are celebrating the mouthwatering, cheese-oozing, sometimes thick or thin crust deliciousness that #NationalPizzaDay offers across the country but especially in New York state. And in the Mohawk Valley – there are hundreds of places to get a tasty pie.

So what did NewsChannel 2 do? We asked our viewers where their favorite places to get a slice or a pie were in the greater Utica area, and they didn’t disappoint.

Most people think pizza is simply dough, tomato sauce, some cheese and possibly a topping or two. But what we have learned is that the Mohawk Valley (like with most food in the area) takes pizza to another level. Many people touted the high-quality ingredients of their top spot, and pizza especially, is an eat that has been ingrained in several local communities throughout the region.

WKTV tallied up all of the flavorsome options given to us on our social media callout for the Top 10 list of pizza joints in the area, and the people have spoken.

10. WAS A TIE.
Pie Squared  located at 1428 Sunset Avenue in Utica says they are changing the game when it comes to pizza. They promise to take your pizza-eating experience to another level, and offer savory twists to signature dishes – while still keeping costs down so you can enjoy their pie. And who doesn’t like a tasty deal, right?

They tied for 10th place with Franco’s in North Utica located at 411 Trenton Avenue in Utica, who is also offering tasty classics that people have grown to love in their many years of business in the area. They have been in the area since 1972, and for decades say that people have been coming back to eat their comfort-style pizza.

9. New to the pizza game in the Mohawk Valley was the No. 9 pick with North End Pizza and Tap located at 50 Auert Avenue 6 in Utica. They might be a newer establishment, but people in the Mohawk Valley are already loving their pizza. They say they offer high-quality pizza in their family-owned pizzeria and tap room.

8. Next on the list is Lombardo’s Pizzeria Plus II at 145 East Main Street in Ilion. They say their family-owned and operated business promises to give you the best dining and pizza tasting experience that you will get in the area. They are committed to providing the region with delicious pies and even better service.

7. One of the originals in the area since 1914 steps into the 7th spot on the list. O’Scugnizzo Pizzeria located at 614 Bleecker Street says they are one of the oldest pizza places in the country. And with 105 years in business, viewers say they still have it. They boast tradition and the quality pizza someone in the Utica area would expect out of a high-end pie.

6. Another newbie to the area comes up at No. 6 on the list – The Pizza Box is located at 933 South Street in Utica. They say they are the home to the mouthwatering 20-inch large pie and are giving other joints in the area a run for their money, after opening about two months ago.

5. The midway point in the Top 10 list brings us to Tony’s Pizzeria located at 501 North Jay Street in Rome. They say they’re a no-frills pizza joint with a few tables and a straightforward menu. We have to assume their pizza speaks for itself – and at No. 5 that’s probably a pretty accurate hypothesis.

4. In the homestretch is Joe’s Pizza located at 117 Main Street in Whitesboro. They are an area staple, who calls themselves the “Original Joe’s” and the people in the Mohawk Valley from all areas shared their love for their product. The family-owned business boasts a light and crispy crust that when paired with fresh sauce, and quality ingredients makes for a fantastic pie.

3. The No. 3 spot goes to a pizzeria that many people spoke highly of, not only for their delicious pizza, but also for what the owner contributes to the community. Franco’s Pizzeria located at 6 Central Plaza in Ilion, is a standout to people for what they call the “best pizza in the Valley” but also for the effort they put back into the area that supports their business.

2. Now it must be said, there wasn’t many votes that distinguished No. 2 from No. 1 in this survey, so we cannot promise what happens next year. But the Slice Pizzeria located at 2007 Genesee Street in Utica holds the No. 2 spot. They opened back in 2003 and have been holding down the pizza-making game ever since. They say their pies are delicious, gourmet pizzas and touts originals that can’t be beat. They say their product speaks for itself, and invite locals and out-of-towners to come down and give it a try. And if you have ever heard of “Purple Cow Wings,” this is the place you want to head to.

1. And finally No. 1 goes to Jonny’s Pizza located at 100 Genesee Street. They say they’re the Mohawk Valley’s go-to pizza spot, and their “true Italian fare” makes them game for some of the best pizza in Utica – which is a high standard to live up to.

Honorable mentions also should be made for the following locations, who received a lot of love, just not quite enough to make the Top 10:

• Primo’s Ilion
• Hot Off the Brick – both Utica and Clark Mills locations
• NY Pizzeria Waterville
• Primo’s Kirkland
• Mario’s Oriskany Falls
• Vinny’s Herkimer
• Paesan’s Mohawk
• Fatboys Rome
• Fratello’s Frankfort
• Tony’s Herkimer
• Sal’s Herkimer
• Big Willy’s Frankfort

We also have to mention that some people just could NOT choose one place for the best pizza in the Mohawk Valley. WKTV tallied many votes for “the entire greater Utica area has some of the best pizza I have ever had.”

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