Overdosed in the Mohawk Valley: Q & A from live chat

WKTV had experts on-hand to answer questions submitted by the public regarding the opioid crisis.

Posted: Apr 17, 2018 2:52 PM

Q & A regarding the Opioid crisis from the Live Chat during "Overdosed in the Mohawk Valley"

Comment From Jeremy R.
Q: What is Narcan and how does it work?

A: Narcan is a brand name for Naloxone, and it reverses the effects of opioid overdose and helps them be able to breathe until emergency crews can get to them.

Comment From Pat
Q: I have custody of my grandson because of drug addiction. Is there a support group in the area for relatives raising children because of addiction?

A: There are several local support groups. You can contact the Center for Family Life and Recovery and they can provide you with a full list of groups in Oneida County. You can call 315-733-1709, or visit whenthereshelpthereshope.com

Comment From Guest
Q: I work in the feild as a casac and many of the clients are in and out all the time seeking treatment several times for relapses why is there not any changes in the way we treat the population that are addicts to at least help with the problem rather than it reaccuring over and over

A: We never give up hope on our patients or clients - this issue is person-centered, and there is always going to be a revolving door. It's the battle of the disease, so you're going to see them continuing to try and try and hopefully one day it will be their time to be ready. We will never give up on our patients, regardless of how many times they've been treated.

Comment From Me
Q: I'm a long time patient of hydrocodone which helped but abruptly ended with all this crisis. New pain management is a joke. Am I supposed to go to the streets and find a safe nys shoot zone for relief?

A:  Doctors are being cautious to avoid over-prescribing, but unfortunately that can affect people who take their pain medication properly. You can look into alternative ways to manage the pain (ex: acupuncture, physical therapy) and use over-the-counter pain medications.

Comment From Patty
Q: The opioid crisis is very real, not just locally but nationwide. As a loved one of someone who is reconstructing their life, I can tell you that there are a lot of great ideas and phone numbers, but not a lot of support for someone recovering to restore their life. I am so disappointed in the ads for help and phone numbers for help, but when you call, tons of red tape and passing the buck while someone's life is on the line. Where do people go when they have detoxed and are continuing recovery? Because if the addiction is combined with mental illness (depression, ADHD, grief) the facilities are not qualified to handle these issues and turn people back to shelters or homelessness. Something to look into I would suggest.

A:  If mental health is a component, they will need a counseling aspect as well as continuing treatment and prevention services. Unfortunately, when mental health is involved, multiple types of services are needed. They can contact the Center for Family Life and Recovery to be directed to those services. The family support navigator, Amby Daniel, can be reached at 315-733-1709.

Comment From Patty
Q: More phone numbers and time, while a father of two children is trying to restore his life so he can restore theirs...I understand nothing is perfect, but he has come a very long way to get lost in red tape and liabilities. The idea is wonderful and the fact that you and WKTV are bringing this to the attention of the public is wonderful, but real needs aside from Narcan need to be addressed. Recovery is many, many steps. This is where the system falls apart. Recovery is not Narcan and rehab it is a process which is not supported by the State or any other State. Once you complete 30 days detox no one cares. It is a more severe issue than 30 days. And it affects the family, the children, etc. This is not a black and white make a phone call and we help subject.

A: For treatment beyond the initial 30 days you can contact an agency such as Insight House or the Community Recovery Center.

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