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Police warn to watch for Scammers

A burglary that in Schuyler has residents in the neighborhood not only concerned, but heartbroken.

Posted: Nov 15, 2017 6:22 PM

A neighborhood in Schuyler fell victim to a scam that resulted in one home being burglarized.
Jack Keller, Troop D Public Information Officer says:  "It appears to be what they call the utility scam."

Trooper Keller says the scam involves one male who goes to the door convincing the homeowner to go to the basement to check on a utility problem. Once in the basement, a second person enters undetected and burglarizes the home. The scammers are often very convincing, but there are things you can do to prevent this type of burglary.

"If somebody’s knocking at your door and they’re a stranger, you got to know who they are. There’s nothing wrong with asking them for identification, and if you don’t suspect them to be part of a utility company, just call 911."

Residents of this tight-knit neighborhood are in awe.
Jeri Bieleck is a Mapleton Drive Resident:  "The State Police investigator came over to the house and he told me what happened and I….. why of all the wonderful people on the face of the earth…"
"I thank the good lord that they didn’t hurt her, murder her, ransack the house or do something. That stuff, the gold and everything can be replaced. Her life can not."

Al Barbato is another Mapleton Drive Resident:  "Well we feel very sorry for her. She was wreck. After the State Police officer was here we went down and we spoke and we spent probably a half hour, 45 minutes with her, and we tried to calm her down, and I could understand she’s very upset."

 The woman who was victimized on Mapleton Drive says she feels fortunate she wasn’t involved in a physical confrontation with the men who were burglarizing her home, and that she hopes this doesn’t happen to anyone else.

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