Rescue Dogs Rescue Soldiers

Over a dozen dogs deemed “not adoptable” were taken from the Road to Home Shelter on Broad Street. Now those dogs are getting the help they need at a new facility.

Posted: Aug 14, 2019 5:57 PM

The Road to Home Animal Shelter on Broad Street housed over 100 dogs. Shelter Operator Kim Strong let the conditions there become so bad the building had to be condemned. Many of the dogs that were housed there still suffer from the way they were treated, but the not-for-profit organization Rescue Dogs Rescue Soldiers is stepping up to help rehabilitate the dogs. The President of Rescue Dogs Rescue Soldiers Elizabeth Keller tells us the treatment comes at a cost.

"It takes a lot of money to run a rescue, so I know that you know Kim took money in, but I’m not…I don’t know. I don’t know anything about that. Where the money went. If it was used inappropriately, but you know to take care of one dog for a year is over $5000."

The dog’s mental state of mind takes time to heal. Time and money. 2 of the dogs are ready for adoption, but Dog Trainer Dakota Dornburgh tells us it takes a special kind of person to adopt these dogs.

"It’d have to be ideal for the dog more than you. Like you have to be able to love and cherish the dog and it’s a dog that you’re going to have to want because you’re going to have to put that love and commitment into them, but the dog’s going to have to have an ideal situation more than you are going to have an ideal situation."

Because of the amount of dogs taken in and the extra time & resources needed to care for them, Rescue Dogs Rescue Soldiers is in need of donations, but Elizabeth Keller tells us getting donations hasn’t become any easier after what happened on Broad Street.

"There’s so many great organizations, we hope that this issue with the Broad Street Shelter doesn’t, you know make people turn away from helping because these dogs have no one, and they really need help, and the public is really the only way we can get help to take care of them."

We did reach out to Kim Strong for comment, and haven’t recieved a response.  We can tell you the District Attorney’s Office does not have any indictments out against Kim Strong at this time. 

If you would like to help Rescue Dogs Rescue Soldiers you can do so on their website:

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