Rome Central Fire Station renovations

The Rome Firehouse is under construction, but the improvements aren’t costing taxpayers nearly what the project is worth.

Posted: Jun 5, 2018 5:31 PM

Central Fire Station’s watch office is getting a full makeover, complete with paint, air conditioning, electrical work, and modern technology upgrades. Rome’s Fire Chief Ron Brement tells us the project costing the department around $7,500, but it’s considerably less because the firemen are doing all the work.

"(Whew) I would have to say if we probably bid out the job, the job would have probably came in I would think in the $25,000 range for what they’ve accomplished."

This isn’t the first time the firemen have saved a bundle of money. Just a few years back they renovated the bathrooms and locker rooms. One of the major projects was adding a female bathroom so the department would be ready for future candidates.

"A lot of the projects we do in-house meaning the guys take on the projects themselves, so the cost for labor is nil versus the material cost."

Next year’s project is a little more costly as they plan to renovate the kitchen area. After 42 years everything from cabinets to the stove needs to be upgraded to a more modern standard.

"In 1976 everything was brand new and very nice. Well over the… just like your own home, things have a tendency to wear out and guys here…it’s a 24-7 operation, so they’re doing everything from cooking their meals here to rehabbing after fires as far as the shower room and the locker room goes."

Rome currently has a complement of 75 fighters, and that number of people puts wear and tear on the building.

"They’re living here for the day as far as they can’t go out to dinner, they can’t go out to lunch, so they’re cooking their meals here, they’re doing the things they need to do so that’s I say we have to make sure the facility can support what they need for the day."

This year’s renovations are expected to be completed in around 30 days.

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