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Snowmobilers weigh in on 2 fatal accidents.

The two fatal accidents that occurred this past Friday are a stark reminder for snowmobile riders of what could happen if they don't drive safely.

Posted: Dec 9, 2018 6:34 PM
Updated: Dec 9, 2018 8:26 PM

OLD FORGE- The two fatal accidents that occurred this past Friday are a stark reminder for snowmobile riders of what could happen if they don’t drive safely. Up in Old Forge, its Snodeo weekend and the trails are filled with riders trying to capitalize on the weekend's sunny weather.

One of the two accidents was caused by excessive speed and icy conditions.

"Ice is always a hazard no matter what. Snowmobiles do not turn well on ice just like driving a car you can go acceptable speeds in a straight away but when it comes to a turn you need to slow down." said Mike Buck

Buck was in town with family in friends visiting when he heard about the accidents. He says he made sure to tell his kids that they always ride safely.

He and other snowmobilers also provided us with a few tips on how they stay safe out on the trails.

One important one is to always ride safely and take into account any changing conditions. Another tip is to never ride alone, always ride with a buddy. In case you run into any problems on the trail.

Mike Buck also remembers a few important tips from the Snowmobile Safety Course.

"The safety courses teach you certain lessons on keeping on the trail safe with the proper tools just in case you break down and most importantly the hand signals to warn other drivers how many do you are traveling with a pack."

Wearing a helmet is the most important, but if you lose control and crash, they can only do so much.

"Those things can go really fast and a tree is not gonna move when you hit it."

"Really common sense plays a role speed and changing conditions you have to be aware of your surroundings the condition of the snow if there's any ice underneath it. That helmet is there for protection, but really you are the first line of protecting yourself, you have to take responsibility.

Practicing those tips can go a long way for staying safe while riding.

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