Thirty prosecution witnesses take the stand in Kaitlyn Conley murder trial

Murder victim Mary Yoder's son, Adam Yoder, was back on the witness stand Tuesday.

Posted: Dec 1, 2017 4:57 PM

(May 3, 2017)

Murder victim Mary Yoder's son, Adam Yoder, was back on the witness stand Tuesday. Adam Yoder's former girlfriend, 24-year-old Kaitlyn Conley of Sauquoit, is on trial for his mother's murder in July of 2015.

Conley was the receptionist/office manager in the chiropractic practice that victim Mary Yoder shared with her husband, William Yoder. Adam Yoder said he sought counseling for help dealing with his mother's death.

"Did you get diagnosed at that time?" asked prosecutor Laurie Lisi. "I did," said Yoder. "DId you get diagnosed with PTSD?" asked Lisi.

"I did," replied Yoder.

Adam Yoder said he had taken mild anti-depressants and used marijuana occasionally. Then, the prosecution came right out and asked.

"Adam, did you kill your mother?" "No," Adam Yoder replied, emphatically.

Then, a bizarre exchange between Yoder and the prosecution, the significance of which was never made clear.

"Adam, are you familiar with the show that used to be on television called 'House'?" "Yes." "Did you ever watch 'House'?" "Yes." "Did you ever watch 'House' with Kaitlyn Conley?" "Yes."

A Google executive and several chemical company employees flew in from California to testify only for minutes. Among them, a former employee of Copper Harbor, which sells products from chemical companies, including Spectrum Chemical. Vargas said she was communicating with a person she believed was named Adam Yoder, as the Gmail address with which she was communicating had that name in it.

She said when she called a number provided and got no answer, she Googled the company name she'd been given on a Colchicine order: 'Chiro Family Care'. She says she called the number and spoke with the person who answered, telling them that the price for the Colchicine was more than orignally expected.

"It was a female's voice. It was soft, sweet voice," said Vargas. "Old or young?" asked the prosecution. "Young," said Vargas. Defense Attorney Christopher Pelli asked Vargas if she was ever asked to identify the voice. She said no.

Vargas said she received other information that was required for the purchase of Colchicine, but not via the documents she'd requested. She read from an email she'd received.

"Hello, Rosa. I'm sorry about the delay. Our fax machine is being serviced. The business tax identification number is ..." and Vargas continued to read the number and then a NYS license number for the business from the email.

Adam Yoder has testified that the Gmail address used to purchase the Colchicine, although it has his name in it, was not his. Testimony resumes Wednesday at 10am.

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