Utica Common Council discusses bail reform

The Common Council is urging New York State to Amend the new bail reform legislation.

Posted: Feb 6, 2020 12:17 AM

UTICA N.Y.- NEWSChannel 2 has heard from Law Enforcement, Attorneys, Victims of Bail Reform, and Local Officials. Now the City of Utica Common Council is talking about the new bail reform laws.

The Common Council is urging New York State to amend the new bail reform legislation.

The Council's resolution is asking the state legislature to look at the laws, and consider giving judges more discretion when it comes to setting bail, and work with law enforcement agencies and the District Attorney's Office to make positive, effective changes.

Jack LoMedico, Utica City Councilor at large explains to NEWSChannel 2 why changing the legislation is important to Utica.

"Our crime rate is going up because we have these same people out there that are doing these crimes over and over again. The way the new law is, is that it's a cookie cutter law, the judge can't take a look at their past record, all (the judge) can do is just say come to court on this day, and they release them. It's just not fair to these crimes." said LoMedico.

If the Common Council this resolution, it would be forwarded to state and local officials.

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