Voting Criteria

We all see the political ads, read newspapers, and are bombarded with social media, so what are people basing their voting decisions on?

Posted: Sep. 13, 2018 5:40 PM

Voting is one of our country’s biggest privileges, but also a big responsibility. With so many sources for getting information and misinformation, how are voters basing their decision on who to vote for? We sampled a number of voters to see what criteria they’re using to base their decision.

Serefino Russo is a Utica Resident who says:  "It’s not always the same, but generally speaking, someone I trust, someone I have some knowledge of, which is tough in this primary because I don’t really know either one of them."

Utica Resident Sandra Hadden has a different approach. "I voted all women because I think they need a chance to fix things. I’m not saying that I don’t like the other candidates, but I just feel that we need to give them a chance."

Joe Zogby is also from Utica and looks for trust:  "My criteria is somebody that I like to know who that person is, and how honest that person is."

Utica Resident Willie Ridore likes to do a little research before making her decision. "I listen to what they say. Try to understand what they’re saying, although sometimes I don’t, but that’s my criteria and I also try to find out what they’ve done in government if they’ve been in government before, or what they plan to do, which don’t always come true, but I do."

We also wanted to know if voters think social media is having an influence on how people are voting.
Joseph Bumbolo tells us:  "Young people, they don’t watch TV. They play with their friends, they do so forth, but they’re always on facebook, youtube, whatever, and a lot of the young believe what they hear. If you say something bad about me, whether true or not, they believe it.":

New Hartford Resident Judith Geary thinks it really matters where you get your information from. "I think that depending on what types or where the social media is they’re viewing, can alter their perceptions if they don’t get a clear understanding of what each social media is coming from."

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