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What happened to Bambi the cat?

Police are investigating a possible animal cruelty case after a cat is found with a cord tied around its waist so tight, it required surgery.

Posted: Sep 6, 2018 6:02 PM
Updated: Sep 7, 2018 12:24 PM

A cat, now being called Bambi, was found in Utica with a cord tied around its waist area so tightly, it required surgery. Chief Investigator William Pulaski from the SPCA is treating this as an animal cruelty case, and described the severity of the cat’s injuries.

"It was pretty severe. The object that it was tied on actually was imbedded in the cat’s skin. Probably about maybe a half inch, and it was a pretty nasty wound on a cat, and because of that it was also restricting the cat’s ability to eat."

While investigators are treating it as an animal cruelty case, there is the possibility it could have been an accident. Deanne Balutis is the Director of Purrs and Whiskers. An animal rescue organization. Her volunteers found the cat, so now the organization is paying to get the cat well again.

"When I answered the call and heard how serious it was, we definitely agreed, and then pictures were sent to me, and when I saw the pictures I wasn’t even sure the cat was going to make it."

Kathi Martin is fostering the cat until the case has been settled, and says the cat is doing well, but she's having a hard time grasping the thought that someone could have deliberately done this.

"I’m hoping that it was not a deliberate act because I just can’t imagine that anybody would do that to a cat."

If in fact this was a deliberate act, Investigator Pulaski explains why the public should get involved.

"A lot of people that commit animal cruelty, they just don’t do it one time or one animal. They do it a lot more often to other animals, and a lot of times it involves other violent acts too, you know toward humans or children."

Anyone with information that may help solve this case is asked to call the SPCA in Syracuse.

CNY SPCA: (315) 454-3469

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